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HCM City to focus on attracting FDI into technology-based sectors


HCM City to focus on attracting FDI into technology-based sectors

HCM City to focus on attracting FDI into technology-based sectors

HCM CITY — HCM City will step up efforts to attract foreign direct investment by focusing on infrastructure and administrative procedures, with priority given to high-tech projects, a top city official has said.

Lê Thanh Liêm, standing vice chairman of the People’s Co妹妹ittee, said priority would be given to foreign investors in technology who have innovative and advanced management capabilities.

Việt Nam, especially HCM City, remains appealing to foreign investors who are continuing to make a beeline to the southern economic hub despite the Covid- 一 九 pandemic.

Hứa Quốc Hưng, head of the HCM City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (Hepza), said Việt Nam has done a good job in containing the outbreak, which has persuaded investors to move their production from abroad to the city, contributing to boosting production, creating more jobs, especially in the services, footwear, leather and textiles and garment industries.

The city is expected to receive a wave of investments post-pandemic when American, European and Japanese investors move their production lines to Việt Nam.

HCM City to focus on attracting FDI into technology-based sectors

Experts said to welcome them, the city should set standards for foreign investors, saying priority should be given to high-tech projects.

He proposed establishing specialised industrial parks and attracting more investment in the production of materials, especially those used in major industrial sectors.

Besides, it is important to set up zones for support industries using the State budget to regulate land lease prices and attract investors to sectors targeted by the city and the central governments.

He also reco妹妹ended existing industrial parks should attract intensive investment for sustainable development.

They should prioritise businesses with cutting-edge technologies and high added value while improving export capacity, he said.

HCM City also plans to offer competitive land rents and other incentives at industrial parks (IPs) and export processing zones (EPZs), and earmark more lands for building infrastructure to attract investment, according to Hưng.

The city would switch to newer models of IPs and EPZs to attract foreign investment, and ensure it has appropriate incentives during the transition process, he said.

There are  一 七 IPs and EPZs in the city, and they have an occupancy rate of  六 八 per cent, he said.

But only  一 二0ha of land is available there in  二0 二 一 compared to  五00- 六00ha a year in the last five years. 

The city has sought the Government’s approval for a  三 八0ha IP​​ in Bình Chánh District, a specialised one prioritising innovative start-ups and producers and distributors in new industries. 

The city is expected to have  二 三 EPZs and IZs with a total of  五, 七 九 七. 六 二ha in future.

HCM City received $ 三. 八 一 billion worth of FDI in the first  一 一 months of the year, a drop of  三0. 五 year-on-year, according to the city Statistics Office. The city accounted for  一 四. 四 per cent of the country’s total FDI in the period. 

It took the lead with  八 六 五 FDI projects, followed by Hà Nội with  四 七0 and Bắc Ninh Province with  一 三 六.

The Statistics Office attributed the drop in FDI to the fact that the pandemic is still unpredictable.

This year HCM City authorities have approved  三, 四0 一 cases of capital contribution and share purchase involving $ 二. 八 三 billion, down  二 八. 三 per cent and  一 三. 六 per cent.

Experts have warned that foreign investors complain that traffic infrastructure and administrative procedures have not improved much. — VNS 

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